Handwritten thank you notes & treats for organisations to send to clients, employees, and beyond.

Welcome to Project Happy Note

Look no feather and join our flock. Let your organisation stand out like a flamingo in a flight of pigeons.

We offer unique note cards as a fun way for organisations to either send as a thank you, a pick me up, or a simple a hello – humanising the way we interact!

We do this by carefully curating handwritten notes and gifts as a surprise style of delivery to encourage community, gratitude, and communication.

With a new wave of collaboration on the horizon, we are ready to spread twice the love through (gifting) feelings and flavour.

How Project Happy Note works?

1. Choose theme

Classic or unconventional 

2. Choose treat

Select a surprise (optional)

3. Design message

We provide examples to make the process quick and easy

4. Address collection

Seamless process and GDPR compliant. 

5. Happiness is delivered!

Our Secret

The idea of Project Happy Note is to prompt conversation as we found that people have become disconnected from one another. We help keep connections strong at times when companies’ networks are weak.

Something that we often speak about is how kind acts and giving create connection.  

When individuals give and receive positive surprises the brain releases dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin – the feel-good hormones. Creating a ripple effect of kindness.  

Peple need connection and not just on the internet, “when everything is virtual it can lose its impact”. Even getting something delivered to you in the post can help with this as it feels special and more personal somehow.








In July 2018, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She was living in Canada and I was living in the UK. I researched what I could do from afar and wanted to bring some happiness into her life during this difficult time.   

What I began to find was that most things in the cancer gifting market were about the disease and were a constant reminder that something was wrong. As the months progressed, and with more and more treatments and appointments, I saw how cancer became the elephant in the room. 

She had lost her joy in life, and her family and friends were at a loss to know what to say or how to help.

I wanted to create an experience to remind her of the things she enjoyed and to have an alternative way to talk about her situation, especially from afar.  I created small gifts and notes that I tucked away for her every day. 

She anticipated daily what the gift would be and what the note would say. With every small gift and every note, mother and daughter came together in a refreshed way. Words and gifts brought joy, and because of this occurrence, Project Happy Note was born.